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Po’s NCAAF Playoff Payoff

Po’s 8 team NCAAF playoff

The top level of College Football will be comprised 6 12-team conference.

Big 10
Big 12
Pac 12
Big East

Thats 72 teams. Sorry Miami of Ohio, Wyoming, San Diego State and my beloved Rainbow Warriors.

Each conference has 2 6-team divisions. You play all 5 teams in your division plus a rotating 3 teams from the other division of your conference. Thats 8 games. Add 3 non-conference games, thats an 11 game regular season. The top team for each division plays in a conference championship for spot in the 8 team playoff. The Top 2 teams in College Football will play 15 games.

The other 2 teams in the 8 team playoff, will be selected by committee based strength of schedule. So don’t schedule the Southern Connecticut State Cup Cakes.

No Vern Fonk DUI Insurance Bowl. If you don’t make the playoffs, study hard for finals.

The bottom Team from each division gets RELEGATED. BAM! Sorry Colorado, love your quarterback. Hello Colorado State.

Right now the second division of College football, the one the University of Montana is in, has a sweet playoff tournament. Proper teams, like the University of Ohio or North Texas or Central Florida will play some badass football in the 2nd division and the best teams will move up to the first division. And Hawaii could win like 7, 8 games every year and still play Fresno State. ALLLLOHHHA!

Most importantly the number of scholarships available to a team would be determined directly to the graduation rate of your lettermen. This statistic, 62% or what ever, should be published next to your AP ranking and should be a source or pride for your school. A player should have 6 years to graduate, just like me. After a player is finished with their eligibility and undergraduate degree, a school can pay for there graduate degree + room and board so one player would count twice in the graduation to scholarship formula. Give these players extra tutoring and extra time so in exchange for the hundreds of millions athletes make for an institution, maybe they will have a teaching certificate or physical therapy license and a chance start off debt free. BAM! how huge is that?

Overall, I think this system would diminish the overall number of mid-level college football programs. College football is expensive and the whole thing should be about going to school anyway. Clearly the biggest percentage of knuckleheads in our society is 18 year old boys. Hopefully a viable minor league of professional football in cities like Spokane WA or Oklahoma City would become viable. If you are an athlete and just wants to play ball and you don’t want to goto school, That’s fine. Here’s $65000 right out of high school, Now go play for the Salt Lake City Horse Flys. When 3 years pass and you become eligible to work for Roger Goodell, good luck.